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Custom Freezing

Your boar shipped to IBS for evaluation and freezing. IBS is a PRRS negative stud so any semen shipped in must be tested PRRS negative and results provided prior to shipment arrival. Semen will then be shipped back to you or stored at IBS for a monthly fee. Give us a call for more details.

Custom Collection

Do you have a boar or boars you would like collected but don’t have the time? Let IBS do the work for you! We have available a cost effective program which enables you to take advantage of our expertise in semen collection, processing and distribution. Give us a call to discuss how our custom collection program may work for you.


Reach out to Steve Kerns at Kerns Farms for your seedstock needs. Maternal line gilts and boars ready to work available year around. Contact Steve at 641.344.5166 or