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AI Supplies

Insemination Catheters

Foam Sow rod without handle

Foam Gilt rod without handle

Foam Sow rod with handle

Foam Gilt rod with handle


Intrauterine rod – insert

Breeding Aids

Priority Care Lube – 5 oz tube

Hog Mate Spray 40mLs -for sows/gilts

Boar Scent Spray – for training boars

Semen Extenders

Liquid extender – 70mls/bottle

BTS with antibiotic – 1 L pkg

Preserv Xtreme – 1 L pkg

Nutri-xcell + – 1 L pkg


Vinyl Collection gloves XLG

Disposable plastic boots XLG

US Bag – 2 L 100/pkg

Collection baggies

Pocket Filters 100/packag

Collection Dummy – Call for more info

Semen Storage

All sizes come with both options Cool Only OR Heat/Cool

1.8 cu ft (70-80 doses)

2.7 cu ft (130-140 doses)

4.3 cu ft (180-200 doses)

Other Equipment

Bottles – 85 mL with twist cap

Glass Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

Beakers – 1000 mL, 2000 mL available in both Glass and Plastic

Flask 2000 mL

7X Glassware soap

Kim Wipes

Plastic Bulb pipettes


Microscope slides

Microscope caffeine slides